20 September

How Fish-Oil-Supplements During Pregnancy Helps In Improving Child’s Growth?

A Danish research has revealed how fish oil supplements taken by mothers during their pregnancy had children with higher bone and muscle (BMI) development in their early childhood rather than excess unhealthy fat.

Women, who took omega-3 fatty acid pills daily through their pregnancy, had children with a higher bone mass index (BMI) by the age six, finds a research from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. An x-ray scan comparison between BMI of children whose mothers took olive oil placebo pill and children whose mothers took omega-3 fatty acid pills revealed that the latter group was not carrying more unhealthy fat as they also had lean muscle and higher bone density than the former. The scans also showed that they were less prone to asthma and other respiratory related symptoms.

As the research shows the supplement is stimulating growth.  Could it mean that to all mothers can consider the supplement before giving birth? Omega-3 fats are a group of long-chain fat molecules abundant in cod liver oil and other supplements variously promoted as helping to protect against heart disease, improving brain power and joint health. These essential fats cannot be produced in our bodies as they need to consume from our diet. An analysis from Imperial College London explains that children of mothers who took them during pregnancy remarkably reduced their chances of developing food allergies.

A British Medical Journal published the latest research which followed 736 Danish women and their children and randomly instructed to them either omega-3 or a dummy control pill to take between week 24 of the pregnancy until 1 week after birth. The study formerly was to assess asthma rates which resulted in a 30% reduction in the fish oil group. The study, as a secondary measure the children followed up each year to have an eye on their weight and height and to undergo x-ray scan tests at 3.5 years and age 6.



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Venkatesh Rathod

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