30 April

First milk - Colostrum

You must have heard from your Doctor, Nurses and form your elders about the first milk after delivery. This is the thin yellowy substance which is produced soon after delivery. You may be producing not more than a couple of tablespoons of it but it is very nutritious milk and provides lifelong nutrition for the baby. Some women report producing milk before delivery in the later months of pregnancy.

The New mother will be in pain and still be recuperating from the process of delivery- Whether normal or C-section, but she should be encouraged to breastfeed her baby as soon as possible. This will also help her in bonding with the baby and the baby also feels secure with the skin to skin contact with the mother.

This first milk or colostrum as it is called contains proteins, vitamins and minerals can also help defend against harmful bacteria and viruses, and possibly even stimulate the baby to produce antibodies. It also coats the inside of baby’s intestines, protecting his/her immature immune system, and protecting against allergies. It is also thought to stimulate baby’s first bowel movement and reduces jaundice risk. This milk is only produced the first few days and later transitions to the next stage of breast milk. Regularly suckling from the start will help stimulate your body to produce more milk.

Do we need any more reasons than this to feed the baby colostrum!

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